Mail från OTH!!!!

Fick ett mail nyss, från en facebookgrupp kallad "OTH!!!!". Väldigt intressant, trots att vi länge anat att de inte kommer tillbaka... Undrar om det stämmer att två nya karaktärer tas in...

Kolla dessutom sista stycket, om Kenzie Daltons syster. Lite kul att veta tycker jag, men det kanske bara är jag?

Mailet jag fick:

Subject: Chad Michael Murray no longer married to One Tree Hill

Los Angeles (E! Online) - Chad Michael Murray no longer married to One Tree Hill.

The triple-named actor, along with fellow original castmember Hilarie Burton, will not be returning for the series' seventh season next fall, the CW confirms to E! News.

No formal reason was given for the departure of the stars, though the duo had been in protracted contract negotiations with the network for several months.

The CW said that two new characters will be introduced next season in an attempt to placate fans and rebuild the call sheet. Murray and Burton have been with the show since its 2003 debut on the WB.

Writers have wrapped up the storylines of characters Peyton and Lucas rather nicely: The duo tied the knot in last night's episode, and will make their final appearance on next Monday's season finale. Their departure was first reported by;

Overall, it hasn't been the best month, PR-wise, for the extended Murray clan. Just last month, his fiancée's sister, Kristen Dalton, was crowned Miss USA, only to be dramatically overshadowed by a certain runner-up, name of Carrie Prejean.


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