OTH fans, se hit! Dessa tre i "nya" OTH?

OK, rykten kommer nog cirkulera fram tills säsong 7 börjar, men här kommer första ryktet:

by Matt Mitovich | TVGuide.com

Less than 24 hours after word broke that neither Chad Michael Murray nor Hilarie Burton will be returning for One Tree Hill's seventh season, there is new intel on exactly who will be filling the void.

Though early reports suggested that only two new faces would be arriving in Tree Hill, it looks like we might get three, based on casting call info obtained by
Spoiler TV.

For starters, there's Quinn, one of Haley's older sisters. She is described as "a free spirit... strong-willed ... but also self-effacing." She'll hit town toting a broken heart. Note: Quinn is not to be mistaken for Taylor, the sis of Haley's who took Nathan's V-card - though that sure could have been a fun reunion.

Tree Hill viewers also will meet Alexis, the "gorgeous" new face of Brooke's clothing line. My favorite bit on this beauty: "She has never met a party she didn't like." Watch out, Wilmington!

Lest female fans not get any new eye candy, there's also a casting call out for Clayton, who in addition to desperately needing a name change is a sports agent who crosses paths with Nathan. The foundation for this "handsome" lad's arrival is laid in the Tree Hill season-ender airing May 18.


- Haleys äldre syster Quinn kommer flytta in.. Kanske föräldrarna ÄNTLIGEN kommer på besök och träffar Jamie? :P
- Alexis, Brooke's "klädmodell" låter det som...
- Clayton (JA, personen i fråga behöver ett nytt namn :S Clayton - Leyton, oj oj..): Nathans hjälp till hans dröm.

Är inte alls säker om det stämmer, men om det gör det så låter det ju som rätt bra planer i alla fall... Eller vad tycker du?


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