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Jag tänkte lägga upp några tweets (Twitterinlägg) som skådespelarna har gjort då OTH sändes i USA för sista gången igår... :( 

James Lafferty (ThisisLafferty):
One final thank you to every One Tree Hill viewer that made it possible for us to get so far. Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Bethany Joy Lenz (BethanyJoyLenz):
Wow. It's over. I'm in tears and so so so grateful for this unforgettable journey. My OTH family will be with me forever. Thank you all for your determination, loyalty, faith, hope, dreaming, and hearts. You have changed my life. Giant hugs. Xo Joy

Austin Nichols (AUS10NICHOLS):
This is a very sad day for me. The last episode of a beloved series. The videos and the messages have made me crumble. Thank you and I love you all. #goodbyetothehill

Sophia Bush (SophiaBush):
#GoodnightOTH Thank you all so much for the love. I haven't been able to bear looking at everything today ... It's been a lot. I've loved playing Brooke, I've loved this family, and I've loved all of you. What a road it's been. Here's my last day's tribute. xo

http://www.whosay.com/SophiaBush/photos/154533 (Kolla bilden!)

Shantel VanSanten (TheRealShantel):
Before the series finale of OTH, I want to say, I'm humbled to have been a part of history & honored to play Quinn! All my love & gratitude, #OTH memories, stories & friendships live on & if you miss us put the DVD in! The lessons will always be there to revisit! #epicshowthatDID


Best viewing party with my OTH family!! Each of you has been a blessing in my life Love you all

Jana Kramer (kramergirl):
Though I left this season to pursue my music, I'll forever be grateful 4 OTH &everyone I worked with &the amazing fans! #GoodnightTreeHill


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